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Fiddler is available for Windows XP and later. Fiddler v2.x runs on the .NET Framework v2.0 while v4.x requires .NET4.0.


DownloadInstall Fiddler4 (~755kb)

Automatic Updates

Upon booting, Fiddler will check for new versions by hitting a web service on this server.  If you'd prefer to only check for updates manually, select the option in Tools | Fiddler Options.

System Requirements

Windows XP to Windows 8
.NET Framework
    - v2.0 SP1 or later (Fiddler v2)
    - v4.0 or later (Fiddler v4)
12 mb disk space / 1ghz processor
1gb RAM (2gb+ highly recommended)

Version History

Read the change log.

Legal Information

Read the legal and regulatory information.

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